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Tug-of-war tournament at Dumon and football tournament finalized atn Singor Lower Chitral.By: Gul Hamad Farooqui

The tug-of-war tournament concluded in Dumon area of Chitral on Tuesday. There was a great competition between Domon A and Domon B team. The tug-of-war took place on the play ground of Domon, where the spirit of the players was warm despite the extreme cold weather. In this game, eleven players in each team pull the rope on one side, while eleven players from the other team pull the rope on the other side. Being motivated, the players by team coaches they pull the rope harder. Often these coaches are aged and experienced people. In the final match of tug-of-war, Senator Muhammad Talha Mehmood, the nominated candidate for the National Assembly from NA-1 Chitral, was chief guest, while Mufti Faiz Muhammad Maqsood, the nominated candidate by JUI for PK-2, Qari Jamal Nasir and other members of the party were also present with him. Team A pulled the ropes aggressively and defeated Team B and won the final trophy.
On this occasion of closing ceremony, Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood distributed trophies, cups and one lakh rupees cash prize among the players. A large number of spectators were also present on this occasion. Addressing on this occasion Senator Talha Mehmood encouraged the players while addressing the participants. He said that the hospitals of those nations always remain full of patients that have poor sports activities. He lamented that there is a lot of talent among the players of Chitral but there is still no public stadium for them to improve their skills. He said that if the public trusts upon me and they elected me as MNA from Chitral, then I will not only bring government funds here, but also bring kits and sports equipment from the Muhammad Talha Mahmood Foundation. We will build playgrounds, stadiums in every area so that the youth here can improve their skills by playing in them. He said that the only way to save the youth from drugs addicting, immorality and other negative activities is to keep them engaged in sports and positive activities. He also announced a cash prize of 100000 rupees for the players, organizing committee of this tournament and distributed trophies among the players. Senator Talha Mehmood highly liked the game of tug-of-war in which people of all ages are participating and it is a great way for physical exercise. Especially the special voice of the team coach who motivates the players and tries to defeat the opponent team.
A football tournament was also organized by Northland Football Academy Sengor in which twenty four teams participated. In the final match, there was an interesting match competition between Jughur Academy Football Club and Northland Football Club Singor. This match was decided by plenty in which the Northland football team won the final trophy. The football tournament was continue for the last one week in which players from all the regions from Sengor to Jagur participated in it. On the occasion of the final match, Senator Muhammad Talhama Mehmood was chief guest who distributed trophies and cups among the players. Senator Muhammad Talha Mehmood announced a cash reward of 100000 rupees here as well. A large number of people belonging to Sengar and suburbs were also present on this occasion. Senator Talha Mehmood said, while addressing the spectators and participants, praised the players and encouraged them to play football matches regularly, which improves your talent on the one hand, and on the other hand, it keep them fit physical. It is also a great tool for exercise. He said that I am very happy to know that a daughter of Chitral is part of the national football team and earlier male players have also shown their ability in the national team. On this occasion, the people of the area demanded that a playground should be constructed for them because they have taken this ground on rent on self help basis. Senator Talha Mahmood said that my foundation i.e. Muhammad Talha Mahmood Foundation is ready to cooperate with you in every field, but the people whom you voted and sent to the assemblies in the past have filed a complaint against me to the administration. That hundreds of Talha Mehmood Foundation trucks loaded with relief good heading towards Chitral should be stopped as they are being used as bribes for votes. He said that these trucks usually have edible items for the poor, needy and helpless people who are currently facing financial difficulties and I am not even a part of Talha Mahmood Foundation until the end of election. But these relief goods are being brought to the poor people of Chitral and this foundation works not only in Chitral but in the whole country and in foreign countries as well, but it is restricted only in Chitral. He said that until February 8, I have been banned by the Election Commission of Pakistan so that I can be free later and will help the people of openly. On this occasion, he explained to the public that I have been separated from the Muhammad Talha Mahmood Foundation by fulfilling the legal requirements until the election, whose chairman, Mustafa Bin Talha, has ordered to bring here two hundred trucks of relief goods. The candidates have complained the administration that these relief goods are being given to people of Chitral as bribes due to which these trucks are standing on the road across from the Lowari tunnel, but after the end of election , at one minute past twelve at night, I myself will drive these trucks to Chitral and indiscriminately Those relief goods will be distributed among the poor people. On this occasion, the people of the area raised slogans in favor of Senator Talhama Mahmood and prayed for her success. A large number of people were present on this occasion

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