Canadian Craft Brewers Association Applauds House of Commons Committee on Finance’s Recommendation to Support Small Brewers

February 28, 2024 – CANADA
The Canadian Craft Brewers Association and the Coalition of Canadian Independent Craft
Brewers welcomes the recommendation of the House of Commons Committee on Finance
(FINA)’s recommendation in the 2024 pre-budget report.
This recommendation recognizes the urgency to support Canada’s smaller breweries, which
represent 20,990 industry jobs, according to a recent Economic Impact Study conducted by
Specifically, the committee’s recommendation # 330 is to Modernize the Excise Act to lessen
the tax burden placed on Canada’s locally owned and operated craft breweries, allowing the
industry to continue to grow, add jobs and contribute to local economies.
"A progressive federal excise rate schedule that allows all breweries to grow to 500,000 HL
without encountering fiscal cliffs along the way will lessen the current tax burden placed on over
1,200 Canadian locally owned and operated independent craft breweries,” says CCBA’s
Executive Director Christine Comeau. “The proposal is also trade compliant and all breweries
with access to the Canadian market should support these recommendations."
Brad Goddard, Chair of the Coalition of Canadian Independent Craft Brewers continues, "Craft
breweries contribute ~$1.7b in total GDP, yet according to recent data from Innovation Science
and Economic Development Canada, in 2022 63% of the 897 breweries in Canada with less
than $5 million in revenue were not profitable. We have to modernize the outdated excise tax
schedule to address this challenge, or we will continue to lose breweries across the country."


About the CCBA
The CCBA-AMBC exists to promote and protect the interests of over 1,200 small and independent
Canadian craft breweries, brewpubs, and their supplier partners. We are constituted as a federation of
provincial craft brewers associations. Our brewery members are from every province and territory in
About the Coalition of Canadian Independent Craft Brewers
The Coalition members represent larger scale craft breweries in Canada that have made a substantial
economic commitment in their breweries to promote job creation, investment, and economic growth.
We’re handcrafted in a high-volume world, and we’re proud of it. Our industry leaders have always
believed that to raise one glass is to raise the entire sector.

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