Workers of PTI, PPP, PML N, JI etc joining convey of Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood candidate for NA 1 Chitral. By: Gul Hamad Farooqi

CHITRAL: Members of other parties, including  PTI, in favor of Senator Mohammad Talha Mahmood, nominated for the National Assembly from NA Chitral, also announced their support. Sarah Shah and Syed Latifa Shah, a very active female member of  Pakistan Tehreek -e -Insaf, from Upper Chitral district, also announced to join the convoy of Senator Talha Mahmood. Syeda Latifa Shah was also contesting election for PK 1 as independent candidate for the provincial assembly  who had already started the election campaign but she withdrawnAddressing a press conference at  District Headquarters Booni district of Upper Chitral district that  we were really impressed from humanitarian services of Senator Mohammad Talha Mahmood, who was also chairman of  Talha Mahmood Foundation. He continues to help the poor, affected and the needy people not only in Chitral but in whole country including foreign countries. He do welfare and rehabilitation work in all the four provinces of Pakistan as well as in other poor countries too . As a donor, it is hoped that he will not waste or embezzle  our right if elected MNA from Chitral. Syed Latifa Shah withdrew  in favor of the provincial assembly candidate as a solidarity with  Talha Mahmood.

Apart from this, people from Pakistan Peoples Party, Jamaat -e -Islami, Muslim League N  and other parties are also joining the convoy of Senator Mohammad Talha Mahmood. In  Reich, Khot, Shah Gram and other areas, of upper Chitral people are affiliated with other political and religious groups, also left their parties and joined Talha Mahmood party who impressed from the spirit of his serving for humanity.  At GaramchishmaSub Retired Amirullah, Qari Nizamuddin, Rahat Ali Shah from Pakistan Tehreek -e -Insaf and a large number of councilors who belonged to different political parties, announced to left their parties in favor of Senator Mohammad Talha Mahmood. – Speaking on the occasion, some people of Lutkoh said that Saleem Khan, who elected  member of the Provincial Assembly twice on the Pakistan People’s Party ticket and had been a provincial minister for five years. He was a very poor man but  After becoming a minister, he became a millionaire but the roads in our area are still looking like ruins. Similarly, Abdul Akbar Chitrali was also a member of the National Assembly twice, but he did not success to bring here  any mega plan.

Senator Talha Mahmood  also expressed in public gathering in Chitral, Kujo, Mori, Burns and other areas, where he was welcomed warmly. On this occasion, Senator Mohammad Talha Mehmood told the people that if they hesitate to join  Jamiat Ulemai Islam and  has some observations  about  JUI  or do not want to join this party, they should affiliate with me and join my foundation. The doors of Senator Talha Mahmood Foundation are always  open for all and you should join me for the service of humanity and the development of your area so that we can start the construction of Chitral together. Talha Mehmood said, “I am not like traditional politicians in which someone  demand for vote in the name of Islam. “I have been a member of the Senate for the last eighteen years, but I have never received salaries or any  other privileges from the government exchequers,” he said. “If I can distribute millions of rupees among the needy through the Mohammed Talha Foundation from  my own pocket, how can I embezzled  your right?” He urged the people that if you are loyal with Chitral, then all the caste, party, politics and nationality should go beyond and join me and succeed me with a large majority so that I can snatch your  right from Islamabad.  So that There is no obstacle to taking it. Talha Mehmood said that my rival candidates have complained  in the Election Commission of Pakistan that he distributes relief goods among the poor who  issued me  a notice  for violation of conduct. As soon as the election  are completed on February 8, a convoy of trucks filled with relief goods will be in Chitral.  Might We will not help  all people but can support  majority of needy and deserving people of Chitral so that their problems can be reduced. It should be noted that Talha Mahmood is contesting election  for the National Assembly from NA 1 Chitral and addressing public gatherings while visiting the districts of Upper and Lower Chitral , who is warmly welcomed everywhere and other political parties. The people of Chitral are hopeful that if he was elected MNA from Chitral  it will change the fate of Chitral and work on development projects will also be started here, which will also address the deprivation of their previous decades.

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