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Pakistan is hard hit by Indian Terrorism What is RAW doing in Pakistan? By Prof. Shaukat Pervez Mussarat Awan

Pakistan is hard hit by Indian Terrorism

What is RAW doing in Pakistan?
By Prof. Shaukat Pervez Mussarat Awan
Chairman Kashmir Affairs Committee (PFA Austria)
President Pakistan Press Club Austria

How India could deny the very recent claim of the most famous Newspaper
“The Guardian” which has explicitly unveiled and revealed the Indian Terrorism ordered and sponsored by the Indian Government on a foreign Soil like Pakistan. According to a very detailed report issued by the Newspaper Guardian it was Mr. Modi Government and his Intelligence Network including different Indian Intelligence agencies mainly RAW that has been responsible for the assassination of 20 Pakistani Nationals living in the different cities and Provinces of Pakistan. The contacts of Indian Intelligence Network are widespread in this case, on one side RAW agencies are permanently linked with Nepal on the other side Indian Intelligence Network sleeper cells involved in spreading Terrorism over the Land of Pakistan are mostly operating from UAE. This sort of Terrorism exported by Indian Government Intelligence Network is directed and directly controlled by Mr. Modi and the members of his BJP. Narendra Modi is a known Terrorist not only in Pakistan but in all the other parts of the World like in the United States of America and Canada where in a couple of years ago RAW assassinated two important Sikh activists named as Hardeep Singh Nijjar and Gurpatwant Singh Pannun by the help of her agents. What Modi and his favorite agency RAW under his control and direction is doing in Pakistan Nowadays It is not very surprising or new for us. We can protect this terrorism extremely well and if it will be necessary, we are fully determined to retaliate against India and deal Mr. Modi Government with Iron Hands.

Pakistan is a peaceful country and does not believe in Modi Terrorism although Pakistan has been hard hit by this sort of Terrorism imposed on us by Modi Government since 2019. Right from 2019 till 2024 Indian Intelligence Network apparently (RAW) has been responsible for fabricating, sponsoring and executing this sort of Terrorism through their hired local agents living in Pakistan or by means of their professional Terrorist or Jihadists living in Afghanistan or coming from different Asian Republics in order to make the assassination of innocent citizens in Pakistan on regular grounds.

Right from 2020 Modi Government including BJP warlords, political figures, their army Generals including Indian Intelligence Service Care takers seem to be very busy and uneasy with Pakistan because they don’t want to see a very peaceful and economically progressive Pakistan in their Neighborhood. So far as the involvement of Modi’s Government in exporting Indian Terrorism towards Pakistan is concerned right after the Pulwama attack which was organized by the Indian Intelligence agencies at their own, Indian Government has been busy in blaming Pakistan for this attack and keep on giving threatening statements against Pakistan on Indian Media or International Media. BJP warlords under the very guidelines of PM Modi still believe that they can penetrate into Pakistan and eliminate us or take the lives of innocent Pakistani Nationals by means of their special terrorist tactics, but it would not be so simple to implement this type of tactics on Pakistan by the Indian Government. We as a peaceful nation of Pakistan warn Indian PM Mr. Modi don’t do that you are not in a position to give us surprise after surprise by utilizing your brutal means of Terrorism in Pakistan. There are many reasons why Modi has accelerated these Terrorist Activities in Pakistan. One of the main reasons is that Modi wants to be the Prime Minister of India for a third term of time, and He is also dreaming of winning the coming election with an over sweeping Majority. To my Mind it won’t be possible or so easy in the prevailing political scenario in India. The other reason is Modi’s special policy of Terrorism is not only criticized by the people in India but it is also strongly attacked by the international Press Media so far as the stand of Government of Pakistan concerning the recent Indian Terrorism is concerned all the members of our Government and Organs of the State do believe that by doing so India is damaging the National Security of Pakistan and shaking the very peaceful atmosphere in south east Asia. At the same time India is diverting the world attention from the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir in this region India is not only a permanent threat to the Sovereignty of Pakistan but to the future Solution and Independence Process of the disputed State of Jammu and Kashmir as well. The recent sponsored Terrorism from India towards Pakistan is a direct attack on over National security, stability and safety of Pakistan. On the other Hand, India is not in any way able to wage a full-fledged war against Pakistan. Our honorable Army is very well equipped and always be prepared to defend Pakistan on all the fronts or against Indian aggression. Our proud Armed forces assisted by their world known Intelligence agencies like ISI, MI, IB or by means of police Guards or Rangers are in a capacity to fight back Indian Terrorism and drain it out from the Land of Pakistan in all the cases as I have said earlier Pakistan is a very peaceful Country the main motive of Pakistan Armed Forces and its Intelligence agencies is to maintain peace in and around Pakistan and if this sort of Terrorism from India will be repeated in Pakistan permanently then we will not hesitate to retaliate against this aggression of Mr. Modi Government and will be forced to deal India with our Iron hands.

Actually, Indian has declared a war against Pakistan through its terrorism or by means of the modern warfare tactics on so many occasions and for this purpose India has already used tactics of hybrid war, proxy war as well as artificial Intelligence including its fake Media war in Pakistan. This kind of attitude is a sign of Modi’s harassment and depression through which he is suffering from. Modi Government is well aware of this reality that they cannot hold India into an aggregating Unit or collective Land anymore. A very popular educator and youtuber Dhruv Rathee in an Interview predicted that democracy is the last chance for India Nowadays, as everybody knows that Modi believes in the worst type of dictatorship for India, If Modi wins the coming election this dictatorship practiced by Modi Government will further be deep rooted in India. In his view Modi Government is passing through the worst dictatorship of all the times in India, If Modi wins the coming election India will stand nowhere under the regime of Modi ,in the presence of Mr. Modi a permanent era of political miseries and hardships in India could begin which can separate Khalistan ,give relief to the people of Manipur and solve the issue of Ladakh and Kashmir against the interest of Modi’s dictatorship. The present India in this election is facing a lot of problems where there is a chance of a very serious rigging in the coming elections of India which will certainly destroy the rest of democratic Institutions in India so far as the present situation under Mr. Modi Dictatorship is going to be visualized by Indian Media or by means of International Press it is not very encouraging. Indian people are not free so far as their political, social, human and electoral rights are concerned in India, Modi Government has sent most of the opposition Leaders behind the bars before the process of National elections was in and on throughout India. The present dictatorial rule of Modi in India is also very dangerous to the constitutional future and freedom of Indian occupied Kashmir. Having all this scenario in view PM Modi accompanied by his BJP comrades is trying his best to win the coming election once again. On the other hand, the bank accounts of most of the opposition parties have been frozen in India in order to keep them away from participating in the recent elections. Nowadays Indian Democracy is breathing its last I wonder in the wake of such circumstances how PM Modi and his party comrades afford to victimize Pakistan by their special way of Terrorism. Now it is time for Mr. Modi to stop his Terrorism in Pakistan as well as in the rest states of the World like Canada and America Otherwise Modi and his Government should be ready to face a very immediate trail against their heinous crimes in the international court of Justice. Pakistan has got right to ask the international court of justice why Mr. Modi should not be trailed by them for the sake of his recent Terrorist activities costing lives of unknown civilians and peaceful citizens in Pakistan.

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